Not Your Typical Pool Social gathering

You may be used to your pet canine desirous to get pleasure from your pool. However a household vacationing in Redmond, WA have been in for a shock once they observed a washing moose within the pool! This isn’t the primary time a moose has been noticed taking a dip in a swimming pool, however they have been fortunate sufficient to get an important video of the moose lounging of their pool!

Swimming pools not simply beloved by you & your pet.

Moose and your pet love to swimMoose additionally love the water, and for such a big land-animal, Moose are surprisingly good swimmers. As the most important member of the deer household, a male moose (also called a bull) can weigh as a lot as 1,400 kilos, and their antlers alone can weight as much as 75 kilos! With that a lot weight on such tiny legs, you may discover it stunning that moose can run as much as 35 miles per hour!

Moose are additionally nice swimmers that may swim about 6 miles per hour. To place that in perspective, swimming at his high velocity, Michael Phelps can solely swim 5.25-6 miles per hour. Now that may be a match we want to see!

Most pool homeowners is not going to have the expertise of discovering some time animal in your pool. Nevertheless, lately, pool homeowners have been having extra encounters with wild animals. That is due to a couple causes:


  • Some animals are very curious, they see your lovely sparkly pool, and desire a nearer look! This may trigger them to by chance (or purposely) get in!

Cooling offMoose, not pet, love to swim

  • Whether it is sizzling out, some animals are like us in that they should cool off! Pigs will wallow in mud, kangaroos will lick their forearms, however most animals get pleasure from a dip in cool water (similar to us)!


  • Animals like to play, you most likely know that many species (you’ve got most likely seen your pet dog do it!) be taught social behaviors by enjoying round. However play is not only for younger animals, species of gulls will play catch with their meals. It’s enjoyable, and it teaches them new strategies to hunt!

Lack of habitat

  • As human habitat extends into areas that wild animals name house, animals are venturing into areas we don’t essentially need them. Your backyard pool might now be in a spot they referred to as house.


keep your pet, children and wildlife out of the pool

If you end up with a caught uninvited pool visitor, The Humane Society has some great tips:

  • First off: all the time use warning and name your native animal management if you don’t really feel secure.
  • For birds, and different small animals: a pool skimmer or broom brush may help you rigorously retrieve them.
  • For bigger animals: attempt constructing a makeshift ramp for the animal. A chaise lounge might work for this.

Constructing a fence or including on other safety features to maintain your pet, kids, and wild animals out of your pool is a superb thought, particularly if you happen to dwell in an space with wildlife.

Tell us your pool issues, and we’ll talk about these features with you!

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